Weekly Reading List #2

Answering technical questions helpfully This post by Jon Skeet, one of the most well-known contributors to StackOverflow, is a useful checklist for technical writing that is useful, in StackOverflow, blogging, and anywhere else really. Shorter Feedback is not Always Bett Not an incidental typo to the quick post by John Boyd. Watch out for making […]

Weekly Reading List #1

These are some of the articles I’ve read this last week, and what stuck with me from each of the articles. This week the articles span using Xcode instruments to Github’s code testing tool Scientist to programming blogs talking about programming blogs. What every iOS Developer should be doing with Instruments This article is a […]

What was surprising about creating a first blog?

What did I learn while trying to get this blog setup? Installation is trivial, but there are lots of decisions to be made after that. There’s a lot of good reference material, but at some point you’ve got to get started. I’m definitely forgetting something… Pretty much there’s a lot you can do out there, […]