Weekly Reading List #4

The theme for my reading this week had to do with automating testing for iOS. You can build an iOS app (xcodebuild), install it on the device (I prefer to use PhoneGap’s ios-deploy), and then run Instruments (instruments) with only a single Terminal. While figuring all of this out, I needed to learn bash’s flow control, […]

Weekly Reading List #3

The articles I read this last week were more technical in nature. I’ve looked into Xcode Bots, including the Apple documentation, read up a refresher on Grand Central Dispatch (Apple’s library that supports concurrent code execution in iOS and OS X), and read up a way to turn your laptop into a radio transmitter. Using Xcode […]

Weekly Reading List #1

These are some of the articles I’ve read this last week, and what stuck with me from each of the articles. This week the articles span using Xcode instruments to Github’s code testing tool Scientist to programming blogs talking about programming blogs. What every iOS Developer should be doing with Instruments This article is a […]